Book Review: Darkdawn

Author: Jay Kristoff Genre: Adult Fantasy Page Count: 478 Date Started: 9/3/2019 Date Finished: 9/8/2019 Spoilers? YES. Steer clear if you don’t want to be spoiled A Brief Description This is the third book in the Nevernight Chronicles series. There WILL be spoilers ahead. Tread with caution, gentlefriends. A ruthless young assassin’s journey for revenge […]

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Book Review: Godsgrave

Author: Jay Kristoff Genre: Fantasy Page Count: 419 Date Started: August 13 Date Finished: August 23 A Brief Description Keep in mind that since this is the second book in a series, there may be spoilers for the first book in the following description. Mia Corvere has found her place as a Blade in the […]

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Book Review: Nevernight

★★★★★ Author: Jay Kristoff Genre: Fantasy Page Count: 429 Date Started: August 1st Date Ended: August 13 A Brief Description Nevernight by Jay Kristoff tells the story of Mia Corvere, the daughter of an executed traitor. She gains admittance into a school of assassins called the Red Church. There she learns the art of death, […]

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